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Arendai - the future of autonomous software and engineering


Robotics Orchestration

Digital Twin

Autonomous warehouse

Real-Time Management

Intelligent operations

AMR Orchestration & ¬†Management

Arendai’s solution enables real-time management, control and coordination of autonomous warehouse operations.

The combination of AMR orchestration and Digital Twin is critical for the scalable growth and true ROI of automation in warehouses.

AMR Digital Twin to simulate, plan and optimize usage.

Real-time AMR-agnostic sitewide orchestration

Arendai at a Glance

Established in 2018, with roots back to 2012 as former Intel CarSync team


San Diego, California

Business Development



Lodz, Poland

Arendai Board

Walter J. Buga, CEO, Arendai

Walter J. Buga, Ph.D.


Dr. Walter J. Buga is a serial entrepreneur and strategic thinker with extensive knowledge of high-tech markets, products, and technologies. He is a telecommunications subject matter expert in both wired and wireless networks and technologies, who has designed large-scale systems that have been deployed throughout the world. His new experiences and passions are autonomous and connected vehicles and systems, industrial IoT, robotics, drones and Artificial Intelligence.

Walter was a founder and CEO of Arynga Inc. (based in San Diego), and Chairman of Arynga Poland sp. z.o.o. (based in Lodz, Poland). Walter started Arynga in April 2012 and sold it to Intel Corporation on April 4, 2016.

At Intel and Wind River, as a Sr. Director for Connected Vehicles Walter was focusing on the next generation technologies, including 5G, LwM2M, blockchain applications, C-V2X, and autonomous systems.

Dr. Buga co-founded Proximetry, Inc. in 2005 and served as its Chief Technology Officer. Proximetry was acquired by relayr, the global Enterprise Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform provider, on December 23, 2016. Then, relayr was acquired by Munich Re for $300M on September 4, 2018.

Walter also served on OMA SpecWorks, as a Member Board Of Directors and Vice Chair, representing Intel Corporation.

Walter is owner and Chairman of Buga Group LLC. a holding and advisory firm. Currently he is a Board Adviser to Husarion and IVEX.

Specialties: Extensive managerial, technical and professional experience in Telecommunications, Networking and IT industries, including strategic planning and turn-arounds, business development and partnerships, new ventures, technology roadmaps, international standards, and network and IT consulting. Was actively involved, including leadership positions, in OMA SpecsWorks, ITU, ANSI and ATM Forum, worked with all major global telecommunication carriers. Walter is holder (as an inventor) of multiple patents. He authored and published multiple papers, tutorials, and presentations delivered at the most prestigious industry events and conferences. Dr. Buga holds BS/MSEE and PhD in Technical Sciences from the Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland.

Jan Murlewski, Managing Director, Arendai

Jan Murlewski, Ph.D.


Jan was a General Manager and Technical Lead at Arynga, working with Walter, managing Arynga Poland company, building the technical team, managing it, and providing technical leadership, that led to the successful exit.

After the acquisition by Intel, Jan guided the team to learn and to comply with Intel software development processes, participating in product and solution strategy.

Jan has a diverse software experience in hi-tech industries across Banking, Automotive, Industrial IoT, Cloud Computing and AI. He is a forward-thinking leader who is able to appreciate the bigger picture, align business goals to technology and develop innovative and creative solutions, facilitating their successful implementation.

Jan has a proven record working for Barclays as Technical Lead for equity derivatives platform and high-frequency trading systems.

Jan holds M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the Technical University of Lodz, Poland.

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Edge Computing

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Embedded Software

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Arendai - the future of autonomous software and engineering

The future of autonomous software & engineering