Revolutionize Your Operations with AI-Driven Efficiency enabled by Digital Twin, Robotics, Automation & Edge Computing

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Use Cases


Harmony's automation and robotics solutions can streamline intralogistics operations, optimizing processes, inventory levels, and quality control through data analytics. With Harmony, factory processes are driven by AI-based technology in real-time to be a just-in-time scenario, and thus reducing labor requirements, human error, and wasted time caused by inefficiencies.


Harmony's path planning optimization for AMRs and real-time orders management can benefit logistics centers by improving production and delivery times, reducing costs, and optimizing operations. Through simulation and digital twin modules, Harmony ensures peak efficiency by planning and optimizing warehouse operations, increasing return on investment.


Harmony can streamline intralogistics processes and improve efficiency for automotive manufacturers through its real-time diagnostic tools, which can identify issues and bottlenecks before they occur, as well as enhancing on-site safety. Harmony features just-in-time parts delivery, making the automotive assembly process seamless, ultimately improving productivity and reducing costs.

Harmony products by Arendai - warehouse AI and automation

Harmony is the foundation for accelerating seamless digital transformation using:

  • TwinsSync™ - Arendai's digital twin to simulate, plan, and manage autonomous logistics center or smart factory operations
  • Edge computing to enable real-time, low latency orchestration of robotics fleet
  • AI to rapidly optimize intralogistics operations
  • Pre-integration with partner AMRs and other robotics applications systems for rapid deployment of production ready solutions
  • Easy integration with enterprise systems like ERP and WMS/WES
  • Leveraging Intel hardware in Compute, CV, and AI spanning from embedded solutions to the Edge and Cloud

Arendai`s Harmony solution is a critical component for logistics centers of the future and Industry 4.0. Harmony provides holistic optimization through a fully integrated solution, enabling scalable growth and true ROI. 

Harmony products by Arendai - warehouse AI and automation

Revolutionize Your Operations with AI-Driven Efficiency

At the heart of our solutions is the powerful synergy of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital transformation technology. We've crafted TwinsSync™, a suite of AI Twins, designed to optimize and elevate every aspect of your operations, harnessing the transformative power of AI in key areas:


Robotics Fleet Orchestration

Unleash the power of AI to optimize your robotics fleet, ensuring seamless coordination and efficient task allocation. Our AI-powered robotics fleet orchestration software analyzes real-time data to dynamically assign tasks, minimize idle time, and maximize productivity.

Demand and Logistics Planning

Transform your demand forecasting and logistics planning with our AI-powered tools. Predictive analytics and intelligent algorithms anticipate market trends and optimize logistics strategies.

Production Scheduling

Our AI-driven production scheduling system brings efficiency and precision to your manufacturing processes. By analyzing production variables and demands, it schedules operations for maximum efficiency.

Energy Optimization

Leverage the combined power of Digital Twin technology and AI for unparalleled energy consumption optimization. This innovative approach simulates and analyzes energy usage patterns, enabling proactive energy management strategies.

Optimize your energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint with the combined power of Digital Twin technology and AI. This innovative approach simulates and analyzes energy usage patterns, enabling proactive energy management strategies.

Supply Chain Optimization

Optimize your supply chain operations and reduce delivery times with our AI-powered supply chain optimization and predictive routing solution. Our algorithms analyze real-time traffic data, shipment schedules, and weather conditions to identify the most efficient routes and optimize delivery schedules.

Optimized Business Process Modeling

Employ generative AI to model and optimize business processes. Our solution can simulate various operational scenarios, generating the most efficient workflows and resource allocations.

Operational Excellence

By embracing AI, businesses can break down data silos, gain deeper insights into their operations, and make data-driven decisions that drive optimization and efficiency. Our AI-powered solutions provide a comprehensive approach to operational transformation, empowering businesses to achieve new heights of productivity, profitability, and sustainability.

Established in 2018, with roots back to 2012 as former Intel CarSync.
Proven Track Record: Same Team and Investors from Arynga.

Headquarter San Diego, California
Business Development USA
Engineering Lodz, Poland
San Diego, California

Arendai Board

Walter Buga Ph.D.
Walter J. Buga, Ph.D.

Dr. Walter J. Buga is a serial entrepreneur, technologist and strategic thinker, with experience in building successful enterprises.

Jan Murlewski Ph.D.
Jan Murlewski, Ph.D.

Dr. Jan Murlewski has diverse software experience in hi-tech industries across Banking, Automotive, Industrial IoT, Cloud Computing and AI. Previously he was a GM at technology startup acquired by Intel.

Dr. Arik Kashper
Arik Kashper, Ph.D.
President, Exekias Management LLC

Dr. Arik Kashper is an expert in applying mathematical techniques for modeling and optimization of systems and a successful investor. Exekias was a lead investor of the previous Dr. W. Buga startup acquired by Intel.

Strategic Technology Partner


Arendai is partnering with Intel to:

Leverage Intel hardware in Compute, CV, and AI spanning from embedded solutions to the Edge and Cloud.
Demonstrate the potential of Edge Computing by moving the computation-intensive tasks to the Edge, with very low latency for real-time use cases
Arendai was awarded Gold in the
Intel® Network Builders Winners' Circle 2022
Intel® Network Builders microsite
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Intel's applicable technologies are:

  • Intel® Smart Edge Open
  • Intel® Edge Insights for AMR
  • Intel® OpenVINO™

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